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People always ask me the same question!!!


Easy I tell them


Mex question how do I do that????

here is the answer!

It’s easy to become indispensable, you need to look at the core values of the company you are in,

Ask these questions -:

What are the core values of the company

If you don’t know find out

What have the greats in your company done before you

What have the indispensables done previous to you it might not just be the sales it might be the training anything like that.

Becoming indispensable will drive your money increase make it so that everyone turns to you for advice, looks at you for guidance, comes to you to drive results.

This is the art of being indispensable

Have a great sales day





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People often ask

” how can you prepare to have attest sales day ”

” you don’t know what’s going to happen ”

” you might not speak to anyone today who wants to buy”

I hear this daily and all the time at open a question events I host!!

The first and last answer I will always give is the same over and over again!!!

” I never speak to anyone who wants to buy my product, I never speak to someone who wants what “my” company is trying to offer ”

I only have one piece of advice for preparation and its you, yourself, the person you see in the mirror.

People don’t buy what your offering they buy purely on the emotion you about to give them .

You only ever sell yourself so how do you prepare

The tips I can give are simple!!

1.never believe ever ever that your going to walk in and sell to everyone your going to speak too! Your not your focus needs to be that every person you speak to is classed to you as a successful call!! A successful call to me is someone just picking up the phone or even speaking to an answer machine that’s a success.

2. When you do speak to someone don’t throw everything at them, listen to them take in what there saying then speak to them based on there wants and needs

3. Be yourself don’t try to be anyone else you are you and remember you can only sell one thing YOU.

4. The most important you have two ears for listening and one mouth for speaking for gods sake use your ears wisely this is where you can get everything you need!

This is my prep each day this is the unique easy way to sell,

Have a great week and let’s all sell well and easy.



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Prepare Present Produce Power


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How do you view your sales day!

You need a clear defined strategy from the outset

Great sales people should always be use these secrets


Always prepare to be the best

Always present yourself in the highest regard either face to face or over the phone

Produce results make it your mission to achieve them no matter what it takes

Power of influence to have a great amount of influence means one thing you will be extremely powerful!!

The art of sales is influencing people

Absolute live that breathe it and you will accomplish it


Have a great easy sale day




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Not a lot I have to say about FRIDAY


STEP 1 – make it profitable everyone who tells you there all about making money always look at Friday’s and think well I’ve done ok between Monday and Thursday I’ll take today as my day of rest IVE EARNT IT!!!

RUBBISH!! Any great sales person knows that potential client and companies feel the same, more relaxed, exciting for the weekend, ready to get that well deserved break!!
This is the perfect time to up your game make today better and better get stronger become better more productivity and profitability!


It’s your day so make it that way

Have a great Friday!!!!!



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Ask believe achieve – the easy way


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For any budding sales person or just anyone in life, I would advise you highly to read or watch THE SECRET.

This book/film changed my outlook on everything, it incorporates one great law.



Think of a time where you have wanted something so much that it’s all you think about 9 out of 10 times it always comes true.

The reason for this is that you attract it you make it happen by asking, believing and achieving.

The laws of attraction has 3 simple steps that you stick by and when your looking for easy sales for that new car or health wealth and happiness then stick to this and it will happen

Step 1

Ask – say what you want but believe physically believe you already have wrote it down as though it’s already there

Step 2

Believe – when you say what you want and ask, make sure that you believe it really believe close your eyes imagine the feeling of it whether it’s a new car or lots of money. Believe you have it go take the car you want for a test drive take it picture say in it really focus on what it is you want.

Step 3

RECEIVE – when you get it and you be grateful when you RECEIVE really focus on what it was that you attracted.

It can be a scary thing because you may not necessarily know what has happened and how it happened but it will off.

These 3 steps are the way I live day to day, they are what will make everything seem easy.

Keep following the easy sales strategy there’s a great future ahead for us all lets do it together

Thankyou for reading,

Have a great sales day


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Influence from easysalesblog


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Wednesday, welch to Wednesday the day that pretty much everyone feels good about,

People feel good on Wednesdays because it’s the midweek it’s mostly about the fact that everyone starts too see the weekend coming.

As part of the easy sales strategy everyday is not a step closer to weekend but a day to celebrate the success your going to have and how many clients LIFES you can change today

I want you to think about influence

What is it?
How does it work ?
How do you use it?

The answer is simple influence is every conversation you have with some one, it works in many different ways mostly it makes you see why you should have something or should have that service

You use it constantly every second of every day?!!

As part of the easy sales strategy you will become a master influencer, this is not to abuse the power of influence but to be able to give the best advice or service possible while influencing the client too see why that need your product or service.

To be a master influencer you first have to believe in your product or service, to believe in something will give you more ability to influence them on there decision

Nobody wants a product or service so the ability to influence is huge.

The biggest part of influence is getting the client to talk more

To do this you need to ask open questions

Getting them to say yes becomes direct questions

And to get a direct answer always ask a direct question

I will cover more on the ability to influence soon and go into more detail but at least with the above you have the basics that you can now start you on your way to being a master influencer

Thanks for reading please share if you like it

Many thanks


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Easy sales strategy


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What’s your focus today?

It’s day 2 today is about the right habits.

How many times do you look and tell yourself going to get 3 sales today I’m going to make this much money today? Then be disappointed, disillusioned because it has not happened,

It’s very simple to overcome “change your filters” change your perception

To reach a goal you have to believe think of yesterday how many sales dos you make? How many didn’t you make?

Now think of this one HOW MANY LIFES DOD YOU CHANGED YESTERDAY? How many successful calls did you have yesterday?

This is exactly the se as the 2 above just with different filters of asking yourself and because there positive questions they will create a positive response a smile a warm good feeling,

Every sale or service you sell today is going to change someone’s life, think of that!!! How do you feel?

Change your filters find the positives never negatives!!

Now go change some LIFES I know I’m going too

Have a easy sales day

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Monday Funday


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So it’s Monday!!!!! Yesssssss

How are you going to make your money a easy sales day?

Are you going to wake up and wish you were still in bed

Are you going to wake up go to work and talk about what you did over the weekend

Or are you going to go in work and make selling easy

This is your choice

How many people have you heard say don’t worry it’s Monday we have all week to hit target????

How many times have you told yourself you will do it tomorrow!

Well think of it like this yes tomorrow will come and the next and the next day but you will never see today again it will be gone forever, and what will you turn round and say when someone asks what did you do on the 19th January 2015?? This is your blank canvas make of it what you will

Do you think billionaires turn round and say they will do it tomorrow, what if bill gates had said don’t worry I’ll make Microsoft tomorrow we may never of had it or of Steve jobs hadn’t met Steve wozniacki on that day because he would do it tomorrow

No one becomes successful by DOING IT TOMORROW..

There are people who will be thinking that though there will be many in your office in your life so how does this make a difference to your Monday?

How does this make a difference to easy sales?

Let’s imagine this there are 10 people in your office 5 of them are all about talking about the weekend, 2 of them are all about doing it tomorrow and one of them is off sick due to all the above?

This leaves 2 people ye the other 7 are going to be there in work but will they be actually working? HELLLL NOOO!

Make today your mission to succeed at the easy sales strategy, make it your mission to achieve more today than you have on any Monday before pick up all the leads you can give the best service you can remember people buy people, do more than anyone in your office and you will achieve success easily because others don’t want the leads don’t want to give the service, there the opposite you, there finding the easy way not to make sales achieve results and be the best????

I used to make the most sales on a Monday because not only are the Monday mundaners in your office there all over your industry?

This is known as the 80/20 rule shine it like this 20% of the people in your office including or excluding you which ever you choose will make 80% of the money today, as well as the whole of your industry 20% will make the 80% of the money

Make your choice right now?

Make it your desire to do better than you have ever done on a Monday!!!

Be part of the success of being in the privileged 20%!!!!!

I’m about to go make the whole off my office stand up and see what Monday is about i hope you do the same

If you like please share

Welcome to Monday Funday!!!



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Fear Uncertainty Doubt FUD


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As part of the easy sales strategy you are looking to take away and change certain things of your MENTAL ATTITUDE,

If you think about the first time you picked up the phone or walked into a office or even met someone on a night out.

You will go through 3 FEELINGS

FEAR – fear is the biggest thing stopping people from achieving anything they have ever wanted, how many times do you tell yourself you can’t do something rather than telling yourself you can, think of it like this how many times have you seen someone and looked at there face and gone there nervous you can tell, look at there face, gosh look at him/her there scared to death. People can see and hear this feeling more than any other they can also feel it, fear is like a big red umbrella until it starts to rain you never see the brolly as soon a one droplet hits that’s it everyone sees your bright red brolly , this is you just as your about to take that first step into a sale. It’s the FEAR of the unknown

What I want you to do right now is think about what scares you the most about sales or meeting someone? What’s the worst thing they can say? What’s the worst thing they can do? How you will feel when what your not wanting to happen actual happens, think really think about it?

Scary isn’t it that feeling, that thought?

Wait a minute it’s not actually happened you have just thought about what’s going to happen

When you next go to make a sale or you meet some one think like this

What might they say?


What might they do face to face

“Say no”

What might you feel?

“Said that they said no”

This is the worst that can happen they can just say no, how many times do you say no in a day, how many times do you think about saying no to some one.

Remember no matter what if they say no, they thank you for your time and say no or you feel sad they said no this is just a word you created by fear of them actually saying it.

This is something called paradoxical intention I will go into this later in the strategy but for now let me make it easy, tell yourself you don’t fear the word no tell yourself they will not say no and make yourself feel that the word no is something that will never make you sad or feel bad

Remember where will you be you wil still be sat in front of the phone? You will still be sat moving to your next appointment and you will get over the feeling of feeling sad.

Approach fear with a positive tell yourself you like the challenge of someone saying no.
Be positive don’t fear, fear, don’t be ruled by what fear creates.

At some point in your life you have over come fear you can do this again remember it’s just a phone or a person it’s not scary!


Uncertainty is something we all feel,
Are you doing the right thing?
Are you saying it right?
Do you look ok?

This is uncertainty, this is the easiest thing to overcome, people who are uncertain are non decisive this means you can’t make a decision easy.

Want are you trying to do in any meeting whether work related or non work related, your trying to get them to make a decision there and then,

You physically cannot do this if you are uncertain yourself because the way you present yourself or the way you come across is UNCERTAIN!!!

Be certain, be powerful come across like you mean every word that if you was sat in the opposite chair you would make that decision now, there is no pint in thinking oh well they said they’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow will never come because they will always feel uncertain rather than being certain it should happen now!!

Use strong positive words to overcome uncertainty


These are all certain power words that will create the sale you want now, not tomorrow



we all have this, we all go through it I went the light it a few days ago in deciding whether to do this

Will anyone read it ?

Will anyone ever see it?

Will people think I’m daft?

Will anyone learn anything?

The answer to doubt is very simple and very easy if you don’t do it you have let doubt beat you!

Don’t doubt yourself don’t doubt your ability

Am I good enough? Of course you are is there another YOU in this world? No thought now so yes you are the Bert of the best because you are own person and your biggest challenge is against yourself each day

Doubt is the short version of doubtful

Now take the word doubtful

Split it into 2 words

Doubt Full

Are you full of doubt?

Doubt can drown you, never let this happen create a positive don’t look at a negative be who you want to be and achieve what you want it’s your choice

Fear, uncertainty and doubt can be sales killers don’t let that happen.

Remember this is the easy sales strategy it’s about making it easy don’t let these hard thought cloud your way of being great

Thanks for reading please feel free to share


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