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This is the beginning of my easy sales strategy, these will be easy to read easy to understand facts about sales and also about life, the easy sales blog strategy is designed for you to implement in booth your career and life,

The first thing I want to to explain is the 3 steps these are like your warm up areas, think about a footballer or any sportsman they don’t just run onto a pitch and play straight away they prepare they do a warm up then they start

This is exactly what I’m about to show you its your pre match ritual it’s what you should live by –

Step 1 – Read About It

What do you read about? When was the last time you read a book, visited a website and Actually sat and read about what it is you want to do and how to do it, by reading you gain knowledge its proven that knowledge will increase not sales but influence the more influence you have the more you can sell easy, try it try reading something today and see what you learn it may not be today it might not be next week but someday at some time you will answer a question or God something where you sit back and think wow I didn’t know I knew that . This is where reading comes into it for anyone looking to learn the art of sales or learn the art of attraction (I will go into this more in a later blog) I would advise you to take some time and read the secret then watch it on Netflix or any other video platform, what you will gain from this one book will help and create your future. The more you read and understand the more you will be able to use your knowledge and influence to per fect your craft.

STEP 2 –

Watch – what do you do when you start a job? What do you do when you sit down in a park, sit in your car, you sit and ultimately watch what’s going on around you, what if you could sit and take all the information in that’s going on around you, you could learn everything within seconds by just watching! Now this is something we cannot do we cant process like that in such a short space of time.

By sitting in your new job or a job you have been in a long time and watching the most successful people your brain will naturally start to adapt to what you are seeing you will start to mirror the successful people learning from everything they do and say, you will start to mirror there success just by watching. This is where the saying ” watch and learn ” comes from by absolutely focusing on the best you will become the best you will learn to be the best.


PEOPLE fear this word, people fear asking for help, asking to borrow, asking for anything. The best sales people I have ever met have never been the people you can’t approach and “ask” they have always been the ones who actively say if you need anything just “ask”, it’s very simple by asking a question you will get an answer this is the same in anything you do, by asking a question you will achieve a piece of knowledge you didn’t have. You should never be afraid of asking if you don’t ask you cannot receive, if you don’t ask it will never happen, if you don’t ask you will never gain the things you want or need whether there material, spiritual or just about anything.

To start use the 3 steps this your warm up this is your opportunity to gain wealth knowledge but most off all a undying belief that you can and will achieve what it is you want.

This is just the start of our journey together I look forward to sharing it with you



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