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How many times a day do you sell or get sold too, think about it from buying a newspaper to being face to face or being on the phone you are always selling.

i started my sales story at the tender age of 5 or 6 I remember getting my dads decorating table throwing a bed sheet over it then getting my broken toys and lemonade and selling everything for 10p each just so I could get enough money to buy something from the ice cream man if I was lucky I may have enough to just get mr whippy rather than just normal ice cream. This was great I had no bills no stress no worry just the ambition to create enough money to get that ice cream. I think about those days a lot now and realise that this is where my love of sales took off and the reason I did well was not cause i had great toys or great mind bending powers of persuasion, it was down to one thing and one thing only my goal, my goal was the ice cream and nothing would get in my way of achieving that.

im guessing at this point you may be thinking why are you telling me this, what’s this got to do  with sales and easy sales at that, my answer to you is it has everything to do with that.

i have started this blog as everywhere I looked when I got in a sales job was very well written but very hard to understand, very well presented but felt it had nothing to do with what I was doing, I was trying to sell a product, a service, I thought why do they keep talking about me and what I do and how I do it, Why can’t someone just tell me how to sell my product well!! Famous last words!!

I started in sales after I finished college, this was in a bank it was on  a counter as a cashier my job was to take money from people then sell them credit cards and loans or meetings with customer advisors. Easy sales I told my self

everybody wants a credit card

everybody wants a loan

everybody wants to have more money I said.

this was my downfall, people didn’t want the credit cards, people didn’t want the loans and people certainly didn’t want to sit and waste their precious time with some customer advisor who just sells them a credit card or a loan.

After 2 years of doing this and making little sales ( I only sold to the people who had genuinely come in looking for the card or loan or money advice) I decided I wanted to leave the banking world stay in finance just not banking. I was now 20 and had a beautiful daughter called Kelsea and a partner to die for called Lyndsey, these were my world. Lyndsey would always say to me I don’t know why you don’t think your  good at sales your great at it you make me love you more each day because you make me feel and see what you can do for me! THIS WAS LIKE A THUNDER BOLT TO ME!!!!!


I HAD JUST REALISED, realised what all those people I researched were talking about, realised what each great sales person I had met had said, realised what each great book had told me




People don’t buy a product or a service they don’t buy something because of a name that’s associated to it they buy it through the influence that someone at some point someone has made them see why they should have it.

I had started working at this point in the finance  sector not in banking but financé related, I had met with my managing director Charles and had discussed why I thought I would be good for the role, I had influenced Charles well enough to give me an opportunity, he had hummed and arrd about what to pay me he said that he didn’t know if I was worth 16k per year or 18k per year my answer obviously was none of them I’m not worth anything near that!! He asked me why and  I remember my response perfectly ” I’m not worth 16k im not worth 18k im worth to you easily 300k this year, I will make you that amount of money in sales and if I don’t you can pay me 16k commison free next year. His answer was simple his answer was true, 18k to start 300k a year target in new business and a very generous commision structure.

I remember walking onto the sales floor it was loud, noisy, it felt like my legs were shaking from a earthquake it was that loud. I can only describe it like a motorway in a rush hour noisy as hell everyone packed in one place but no one seems to move from there desks.

i sat next to the number one sales person on the floor and asked him lots of questions to which I got some answers but nothing that made me feel great until he asked me do you want to see what I earnt this month? My answer was of course yes the most i had earnt ever was 2k this included Christmas bonus, remember I did some easy sales with people who really just wanted it!

He pulled out a wage slip and showed me he had earned 8k in one month and was on for earning 60k that year, instantly my heart pumped quicker, my adrenaline kicked in, this is amazing !!!! I asked what he had done with the money and he pulled his smart altered to fit Suit up to reveal a breitling watch. It was beautiful, shiny new, almost straight away he turned and said no one has beaten me hear yet no one has been number one apart from me.

I asked him what he had achieved in new business the previous year, again with a almost smug response he answered the most ever in the company £212,000 my face dropped my palms started to sweat no wonder Charles was so happy when I said 300k what had I done!!

I told the guy I was sat with and he laughed square in my face jumped up and shouted it to everyone on the sales floor “this newbie thinks he can do £300k in a year” everyone laughed everyone pontied there finger as if to cock a gun and aim shots at me!!!

as I finished for the day I walked over to the NUMBER ONE!!! And swore that in the next 2 months I would beat him, I would beat 300k and I would have the breitling watch!!!!

with my philosophy of “PEOPLE BUY PEOPLE” I hit the phone one by one I rang everything I had whether it was small or huge it didn’t matter if I can speak to them I can sell to them I just needed them to answer.

in month one I achieved record sales for any “newbie” that had ever started with the company, 30k in new business

now it was month 2 the newbie vs the no.1 what could I do, how could I beat him, I did what every great sales person should do, these are 3 simple steps to easy sales whether new to it or a seasoned veteran –

step 1 – read about it – reading increases knowledge increasing knowledge of sales will increase results

step 2 – watch – what are the other salesman or woman doing, how are they doing it, what’s different that they do that you can adapt and use!

step 3 ask – ask the greats ask the directors how they started, when you are sales people you love nothing more than talking about yourself and your successes,

these steps will lead you into successful sales, easy sales and so much more in life.

By reading watching and asking I found that it’s not just people buying from people that works its actually being able to master a fine art !

What is this fine art you ask ?

this art is known as the “THE ART OF INFLUENCE”

The art of influence is what every sale is its every purchase, transaction, conversation that you ever have, think of a time where you have been walking down the road and you see a newspaper outside a shop with a big bold headline and a little bit of the story it grabs your attention, your interest, your desire and most of all your action because now your that influenced you have to buy the paper.

I started to use both techniques in month 2 and come the end of it, I had generated 85k In new business this was more than any sales person had ever achieved in the business this was more than 10 other sales people On the same floor with the same leads had achieved but more importantly it was 30,000 more than that “NUMBER 1” had achieved I had done it i had beaten him not just beat him but i literally eat him and spat him out.

Needless to say 300k was achieved my commissions per month were more than I had made in a year at the bank! I was hooked!

I started to want more than money my son had now been born and my family was perfect, 2 beautiful children a partner who believed in me every step of the way

I started to visualise being the head of sales for the company I was with I achieved this after 1 1/2 years with the company and to this date I still do that, I regularly host training seminars for my industry and am one of the most well known and respected people in my profession, I earn a great wage and have a great life my partner is now my wife and my children are 11 and 5

my passion now is to take any sales person good bad or ugly and make them great my biggest accomplishment to date is training people to beat my records and achieve there goals, this is why I’m starting my easy sales blog, it may only be viewed by one person in my lifetime but if what I wrote can help that one person then I have achieved my next goal of doing a blog and it being a success,

through this journey and through this blog I am going to teach each person who wants the help the ability to sell and sell well you will be a master of the easy sales strategy and will become what ever you want in life and a career.

Im telling my story first not for my own ego but to show that I’m the same as you, to show that I was not the best in sales and probably never will be, sales is something you will never master, sales is something you cannot ever turn round and say I’ve learnt everything now, that’s not true sales is there with you every second of every day and always will be

You can go on the Internet and research sales as much as you want theres a lot of stuff you will never understand but what my aim is, is too make it as easy as possible for you to become great at what you do

i can’t wait to take this journey and if you like my blog then please feel free to share this journey with others

I look forward to hearing from you on your journey with ME to easy sales,


easysalesblog creator