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As part of the easy sales strategy you are looking to take away and change certain things of your MENTAL ATTITUDE,

If you think about the first time you picked up the phone or walked into a office or even met someone on a night out.

You will go through 3 FEELINGS

FEAR – fear is the biggest thing stopping people from achieving anything they have ever wanted, how many times do you tell yourself you can’t do something rather than telling yourself you can, think of it like this how many times have you seen someone and looked at there face and gone there nervous you can tell, look at there face, gosh look at him/her there scared to death. People can see and hear this feeling more than any other they can also feel it, fear is like a big red umbrella until it starts to rain you never see the brolly as soon a one droplet hits that’s it everyone sees your bright red brolly , this is you just as your about to take that first step into a sale. It’s the FEAR of the unknown

What I want you to do right now is think about what scares you the most about sales or meeting someone? What’s the worst thing they can say? What’s the worst thing they can do? How you will feel when what your not wanting to happen actual happens, think really think about it?

Scary isn’t it that feeling, that thought?

Wait a minute it’s not actually happened you have just thought about what’s going to happen

When you next go to make a sale or you meet some one think like this

What might they say?


What might they do face to face

“Say no”

What might you feel?

“Said that they said no”

This is the worst that can happen they can just say no, how many times do you say no in a day, how many times do you think about saying no to some one.

Remember no matter what if they say no, they thank you for your time and say no or you feel sad they said no this is just a word you created by fear of them actually saying it.

This is something called paradoxical intention I will go into this later in the strategy but for now let me make it easy, tell yourself you don’t fear the word no tell yourself they will not say no and make yourself feel that the word no is something that will never make you sad or feel bad

Remember where will you be you wil still be sat in front of the phone? You will still be sat moving to your next appointment and you will get over the feeling of feeling sad.

Approach fear with a positive tell yourself you like the challenge of someone saying no.
Be positive don’t fear, fear, don’t be ruled by what fear creates.

At some point in your life you have over come fear you can do this again remember it’s just a phone or a person it’s not scary!


Uncertainty is something we all feel,
Are you doing the right thing?
Are you saying it right?
Do you look ok?

This is uncertainty, this is the easiest thing to overcome, people who are uncertain are non decisive this means you can’t make a decision easy.

Want are you trying to do in any meeting whether work related or non work related, your trying to get them to make a decision there and then,

You physically cannot do this if you are uncertain yourself because the way you present yourself or the way you come across is UNCERTAIN!!!

Be certain, be powerful come across like you mean every word that if you was sat in the opposite chair you would make that decision now, there is no pint in thinking oh well they said they’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow will never come because they will always feel uncertain rather than being certain it should happen now!!

Use strong positive words to overcome uncertainty


These are all certain power words that will create the sale you want now, not tomorrow



we all have this, we all go through it I went the light it a few days ago in deciding whether to do this

Will anyone read it ?

Will anyone ever see it?

Will people think I’m daft?

Will anyone learn anything?

The answer to doubt is very simple and very easy if you don’t do it you have let doubt beat you!

Don’t doubt yourself don’t doubt your ability

Am I good enough? Of course you are is there another YOU in this world? No thought now so yes you are the Bert of the best because you are own person and your biggest challenge is against yourself each day

Doubt is the short version of doubtful

Now take the word doubtful

Split it into 2 words

Doubt Full

Are you full of doubt?

Doubt can drown you, never let this happen create a positive don’t look at a negative be who you want to be and achieve what you want it’s your choice

Fear, uncertainty and doubt can be sales killers don’t let that happen.

Remember this is the easy sales strategy it’s about making it easy don’t let these hard thought cloud your way of being great

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