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So it’s Monday!!!!! Yesssssss

How are you going to make your money a easy sales day?

Are you going to wake up and wish you were still in bed

Are you going to wake up go to work and talk about what you did over the weekend

Or are you going to go in work and make selling easy

This is your choice

How many people have you heard say don’t worry it’s Monday we have all week to hit target????

How many times have you told yourself you will do it tomorrow!

Well think of it like this yes tomorrow will come and the next and the next day but you will never see today again it will be gone forever, and what will you turn round and say when someone asks what did you do on the 19th January 2015?? This is your blank canvas make of it what you will

Do you think billionaires turn round and say they will do it tomorrow, what if bill gates had said don’t worry I’ll make Microsoft tomorrow we may never of had it or of Steve jobs hadn’t met Steve wozniacki on that day because he would do it tomorrow

No one becomes successful by DOING IT TOMORROW..

There are people who will be thinking that though there will be many in your office in your life so how does this make a difference to your Monday?

How does this make a difference to easy sales?

Let’s imagine this there are 10 people in your office 5 of them are all about talking about the weekend, 2 of them are all about doing it tomorrow and one of them is off sick due to all the above?

This leaves 2 people ye the other 7 are going to be there in work but will they be actually working? HELLLL NOOO!

Make today your mission to succeed at the easy sales strategy, make it your mission to achieve more today than you have on any Monday before pick up all the leads you can give the best service you can remember people buy people, do more than anyone in your office and you will achieve success easily because others don’t want the leads don’t want to give the service, there the opposite you, there finding the easy way not to make sales achieve results and be the best????

I used to make the most sales on a Monday because not only are the Monday mundaners in your office there all over your industry?

This is known as the 80/20 rule shine it like this 20% of the people in your office including or excluding you which ever you choose will make 80% of the money today, as well as the whole of your industry 20% will make the 80% of the money

Make your choice right now?

Make it your desire to do better than you have ever done on a Monday!!!

Be part of the success of being in the privileged 20%!!!!!

I’m about to go make the whole off my office stand up and see what Monday is about i hope you do the same

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Welcome to Monday Funday!!!



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