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What’s your focus today?

It’s day 2 today is about the right habits.

How many times do you look and tell yourself going to get 3 sales today I’m going to make this much money today? Then be disappointed, disillusioned because it has not happened,

It’s very simple to overcome “change your filters” change your perception

To reach a goal you have to believe think of yesterday how many sales dos you make? How many didn’t you make?

Now think of this one HOW MANY LIFES DOD YOU CHANGED YESTERDAY? How many successful calls did you have yesterday?

This is exactly the se as the 2 above just with different filters of asking yourself and because there positive questions they will create a positive response a smile a warm good feeling,

Every sale or service you sell today is going to change someone’s life, think of that!!! How do you feel?

Change your filters find the positives never negatives!!

Now go change some LIFES I know I’m going too

Have a easy sales day

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