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Wednesday, welch to Wednesday the day that pretty much everyone feels good about,

People feel good on Wednesdays because it’s the midweek it’s mostly about the fact that everyone starts too see the weekend coming.

As part of the easy sales strategy everyday is not a step closer to weekend but a day to celebrate the success your going to have and how many clients LIFES you can change today

I want you to think about influence

What is it?
How does it work ?
How do you use it?

The answer is simple influence is every conversation you have with some one, it works in many different ways mostly it makes you see why you should have something or should have that service

You use it constantly every second of every day?!!

As part of the easy sales strategy you will become a master influencer, this is not to abuse the power of influence but to be able to give the best advice or service possible while influencing the client too see why that need your product or service.

To be a master influencer you first have to believe in your product or service, to believe in something will give you more ability to influence them on there decision

Nobody wants a product or service so the ability to influence is huge.

The biggest part of influence is getting the client to talk more

To do this you need to ask open questions

Getting them to say yes becomes direct questions

And to get a direct answer always ask a direct question

I will cover more on the ability to influence soon and go into more detail but at least with the above you have the basics that you can now start you on your way to being a master influencer

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