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People often ask

” how can you prepare to have attest sales day ”

” you don’t know what’s going to happen ”

” you might not speak to anyone today who wants to buy”

I hear this daily and all the time at open a question events I host!!

The first and last answer I will always give is the same over and over again!!!

” I never speak to anyone who wants to buy my product, I never speak to someone who wants what “my” company is trying to offer ”

I only have one piece of advice for preparation and its you, yourself, the person you see in the mirror.

People don’t buy what your offering they buy purely on the emotion you about to give them .

You only ever sell yourself so how do you prepare

The tips I can give are simple!!

1.never believe ever ever that your going to walk in and sell to everyone your going to speak too! Your not your focus needs to be that every person you speak to is classed to you as a successful call!! A successful call to me is someone just picking up the phone or even speaking to an answer machine that’s a success.

2. When you do speak to someone don’t throw everything at them, listen to them take in what there saying then speak to them based on there wants and needs

3. Be yourself don’t try to be anyone else you are you and remember you can only sell one thing YOU.

4. The most important you have two ears for listening and one mouth for speaking for gods sake use your ears wisely this is where you can get everything you need!

This is my prep each day this is the unique easy way to sell,

Have a great week and let’s all sell well and easy.



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